Halloween Skel-itten Yard Decorations

One of my favorite CNC projects to date has been the Skel-itten Halloween decorations I’ve been making for the last couple years. Credit for the idea where it’s due, I ran into Witch City Custom Metal at one of the flea markets in Salem, Massachusetts last year around Halloween. He was cutting a similar design […]

CNC Carved Ash Craft Show Sign

A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers, who is also a wood enthusiast, reached out asking about helping him out with a sign for his wife and daughters to take with them to craft shows. I was, as always, happy to oblige. My coworker’s area of expertise is more in the realm of fine […]

CNC Pendant For Marlin Based Control Boards

A lot of people will disagree with me on this but, I am a big fan of Marlin Firmware for use on hobby CNCs. In my experiences with 3D printing I have learned the ins and outs of Marlin and am adequately able to manipulate the firmware to my needs. I’ve tried other firmware such […]

Wearable Wooden Bowtie

As I have become more comfortable pushing the limits with my CNC, I’m always trying to test out new software and expand my knowledge and ability. Most recently I dove into Fusion360 CAM to take advantage of 3D milling. Up until now i had limited myself to 2D and 2.5D work with EstlCAM, mostly designing […]

Address Sign on the Workbee CNC

My most satisfying and, I dare say, favorite hobby is subtractive manufacturing on the CNC. I am by no means a professional, but I take great pleasure in the process of designing something and working through the process of setting it up in CAD and CAM, then watching it become a real thing on the […]

Klipper & Mainsail on the Ender 3 Pro

One of my favorite parts of 3D printing is the ability to constantly upgrade and improve the performance of my printer with out having to start over again from scratch. Most of the time I learn new things along the way too. Klipper firmware is one of the cheapest and most awesome upgrades I’ve found […]

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